Understanding the customer experience
is an expensive hassle

You know you should do more to understand your customers & users better. But it's a lot to organise and quickly gets expensive.

And yet bosses and clients demand more insight, more quickly, more in-depth, and across all territories. Oh and by next week, please.

What if you had a way of capturing insight from people wherever they were in the world and whatever they were doing - without having to leave the office?

What if you could still get rich audio visual data, the verbatims and charts you needed but without the expensive set up?

Well nativeye lets you do all this. It's a mobile research platform that you control and people take part in using their smartphones.

And because it's mobile, people can update their diary wherever they are, capturing real-life moments across touchpoints.

It gives you a window into their world.

Learn how to run a successful mobile diary study

Diary studies are ideally suited to researching the modern customer experience.

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Try out the platform

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  • Personal dashboard to view posts in real-time
  • Multimedia data capture
  • Charts and export
  • Community features allow you to interact with participants
  • Participants can see, like and comment on posts in the app
  • Group and private modes
  • Prompt participants to keep posts coming in

What you can use it for