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Our memory is not a recording device

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Developments in technology have provided us with metaphors for our own memory. Computer memory and storage devices conjure an image of instant retrieval of precise and perfectly preserved information.

“For a number of scientists, the idea that memory is a recording device rests on an unrealistic fantasy of accuracy and permanence. Instead of practices that facilitated ‘reliving’ a permanent record, they sought out ways to reveal an ineradicable role of interpretation… in the construction of knowledge and memory.” Alison Winter  — Memory: Fragments of a Modern History

But our own memories do not operate in this way. Forced to edit our experiences, we are better at forgetting than remembering. Rather than precise recollections we create associations (e.g. to other things, place, context, the Proustian madeleine) and then attempt to retrieve (at least partial) memories using these associations.

Context rather than raw processing power is the human way.

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Nobody knows what they are doing

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

In marketing at least – according to Razorfish’s Clark Kokich.

He is talking about those that practice the old, “This is what we are, and how do we shine it up?” model of marketing rather than creating “brand experiences” that run deeper.

“It’s less about advertising and more about creating an experience that transforms what it means to be a customer of a brand. And that change has really caused a lot of consternation in marketing because none of us were trained to do that.”

To make this shift he praises curiosity over expertise.

“What you need more than expertise is curiosity, someone who’s interested in what’s happening, loves change, and wants to develop ideas and drive change…You’re just not relevant if you’re fighting the reality of what’s happening.”

And to know what’s happening and what opportunities are out there you have to be plugged into your audiences’ lives more than ever.

The role of User Experience (UX) in modern business

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Interview with Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path

Some snippets on the role of UX:

  • Looking beyond the artifact to how a product or service is used
  • Lives at the intersection of aesthetics and technology – where you can take the experience
  • Considering the larger context that determines a successful experience
  • From interface design to an essential part of product strategy
  • Looking at product across all channels
  • The need for organisations to transcend silos to achieve this (the emergence of product guerillas)
  • Need for Chief Innovation Officer – be able to tell the difference between innovation and novelty
  • Innovation teams – must craft understanding of psychology, behaviour and needs and motivations of the people that use their product or service, either to improve or to bring in the next generation of product and service