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Hack day 2 – Getting social

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

nativeye’s second hack day is rapidly approaching. The theme this time is “Getting social” and it covers a few specific areas to be hacked:

  1. Phase 1 of nativeye’s community research offering (comments and likes on posts)
  2. Social context
  3. Social profiling

The first is exactly what it sounds like: the ability for both researchers and respondents to comment on and express approval for posts. This serves as a way to keep the conversation going and to allow researchers and participants to ask for clarification.

For the next two we are going to look at connecting respondents’ social accounts to nativeye as a way of pulling in their social data to 1) better understand and recruit them and 2) better understand the context of the posts they make to nativeye.

The idea is to create a “best of both worlds” approach – keeping research projects private within nativeye’s platform, but taking advantage of the mass of social data out there by using it to triangulate nativeye data.

For progress – watch this space!