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Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Field notes from User Research London

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017


nativeye took a trip to User Research London this month. A great conference, their very first one and heartily recommended for next year.

Here are my Tweet-notes…

Remote research was a recurring theme:

Which is so obvious as to be easily overlooked.

Again it’s obvious when someone says it, but really important when thinking when to use remote and ‘always-on’ tools.

The participant experience was also high on the agenda:

We think about this one a lot – how to keep participants engaged and let them know their contributions aren’t going into a black hole.

There were some lovely articulations of the value of research:

This is a great notion and a big part of what researchers do.

From the cxpartners keynote on how to select the right research method. Insight, evidence and ideas – the 3 things you can hope to gain from research.

Greg Bernstein on why some research is better than no research – and an importance defence when selling in research.

Stories were also big theme at UserResearchLdn:

How we add a narrative to our lives in retrospect.

And finally, on the importance of crafting a story to build empathy and adoption of research.

I will look out for the keynote presentations (a film of the talks is being published) and let you know when I find them.


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