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Dashboard update – Look & feel + assignment flow

Monday, January 26th, 2015

We’ve recently pushed a couple of updates to the dashboard.

1. Dashboard look & feel

The first and most obvious is an update to the dashboard look and feel. We’ve evolved the palette and increased the element / font size to generally make the dashboard cleaner and easier to read.

nativeye - new dashboard look & feel


2. Updated ‘create assignment’ flow

The second major update is a rethink of our ‘Create assignment’ flow. Following feedback from the estimable folks at Foolproof, we’ve implemented a simpler flow that reduces the ‘cognitive overhead’ – in other words, makes people think less – when setting up an assignment. We’ve designed the assignment setup path to be much more linear and with more intuitive steps.

nativeye - create assignment flow

Let us know what you think!

Forget iOS7, the first 2D revolution happened 200 years ago

Sunday, October 13th, 2013


Proving once again that everything comes back around, BBC4’s series The Fabric of Britain threw up a nice little historical parallel to modern trends in tech design.

Back in early Victorian-era Britain, design powers-that-be were concerned about wallpaper and its unedifying effects on the British public. Considering the naturalistic and trompe l’oeil images of  the day to be troubling, Parliament appointed Gothic-revivalist Augustus Pugin to spearhead a re-introduction of flat patterns, more suitable to walled surfaces, and more befitting of a household of the Empire.

How long until 3D makes a come back again?