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Hack day 2 – Getting social

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

nativeye’s second hack day is rapidly approaching. The theme this time is “Getting social” and it covers a few specific areas to be hacked:

  1. Phase 1 of nativeye’s community research offering (comments and likes on posts)
  2. Social context
  3. Social profiling

The first is exactly what it sounds like: the ability for both researchers and respondents to comment on and express approval for posts. This serves as a way to keep the conversation going and to allow researchers and participants to ask for clarification.

For the next two we are going to look at connecting respondents’ social accounts to nativeye as a way of pulling in their social data to 1) better understand and recruit them and 2) better understand the context of the posts they make to nativeye.

The idea is to create a “best of both worlds” approach – keeping research projects private within nativeye’s platform, but taking advantage of the mass of social data out there by using it to triangulate nativeye data.

For progress – watch this space!

nativeye Hack Day report

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

nativeye Hack Day

So we met up just before the new year to all get in a room and see what we could build. Now, we had noble ambitions to build some game-changing features for nativeye that would turn market research on its head, but we ended up building a Pub Treasure Hunt instead. Well it was the holidays.

The idea was that you could set up a treasure hunt that involved giving people directions to particular location and once they reached that location they would be set a challenge. In the case of the Pub Treasure Hunt challenges would be things like “Find out what the most popular beer is and take a photo of it” and “Find out what year the pub was founded”. When the first challenge (or objective) was completed the player would be sent directions to the next location and the process would repeat.

So it meant we had to play around with geo-fencing – tying particular objectives to a particular location within a defined radius (big learning here to multiply rather than divide otherwise you end up with a radius of 200km rather than the intended 20m!).

You can see the public site we built here featuring a few dubious image choices.

Some pics from the day:



Pub treasure hunt homepage - Do you accept the mission?


Arrive location 1


The first challenge


Testing is hard but someone has to do it!


nativeye Hack Day

Friday, December 14th, 2012

We’re planning to squeeze a little more out of 2012 by ending with the inaugural nativeye hack day.

The idea is the pretty standard hack day model – get the people with the appropriate skills in the same room, add caffeinated drink and snacks of your choice and try to push out a new feature or app by the end of the day.

Some ideas will be directly related to the nativeye platform, others tangentially, others not at all.

It’s a good excuse to get together, work on something interesting and go for that buzz of making something live.

Current ideas for nativeye hack day 1 are:

  • Location-based triggers (think: geofencing, environmental triggers)
  • Scheduling nativeye dashboard actions
  • Passive data collection / working with telemetry from devices

We’ll post the outcome here and tweet throughout the day @nativeye