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5 benefits of mobile research

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Mobile is set to overtake PCs for Internet access. Mobile research – market research using mobile phones as capture devices – is riding this wave. So what are the benefits of this approach to gathering customer insight?

1. It’s in the moment
Behavioural Economics has taught us we are much less rational beings than we liked to think. As Rory Sutherland has pointed out, anything that helps us get closer to the point of decision will better inform us as to why people do the things they do.

And at a more basic level – people forget! Asking them why they did something 2 weeks ago is prone to hazy recollection as well as any post-rationalisation.

2. Understand the context
Being in the moment means we can get more clues about the context of people’s experiences. The same message to someone when they are stressed out as when they have free headspace will yield very different results.

This is why some have claimed that there is no such thing as channels; only interactions, which are dictated by shifting contexts.

3. Link emotions to events
Emotions are a great predictor of behaviour. Knowing what events precipitate what emotions (e.g. during interactions with customers, in the workplace) can help us design better for them.

4. Empathy drives great innovation
And this emotional content is an aid to better innovation. Being able to feel people’s pain as well as see it makes people care enough (as well as know enough) to want to do something about it. Mobile qualitative research comes into its own here.

Plus that empathy can be pushed up the chain. Having that ‘customer proof’ to take to management will help to drive customer-centric change.

5. It’s quick
And finally, it sounds simple but speed is a real business advantage. Being able to turn around solid insight quickly aids timely decision making and an agile approach. In the words of more than one client, “The right answer but too late is no use to me.”