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Thursday, March 15th, 2012

The nativeye Network is our respondent community. It’s made up of people who take part in our public and private assignments. These can be on many different topics. Private companies pay for members to take part in their assignments – maybe for feeding back on a product or service, or sharing their thoughts and opinions. We also run public assignments that are for general interest e.g. My Space and Are you being served?

The nativeye app means that people can store all their assignments in one place and respond on-the-go using their smartphone. They can also see all the posts they make and other people’s posts if they are part of a group assignment.

So really it’s a way to tap into a community to get ideas and insight. You can find out more about the network here if you are interested in joining us.

If you are a researcher looking for ways to access community’s collective brain visit our Researcher site