Get Real Insight

April 4th, 2017 by Ben Claxton

We all know that your own experiences or your mum’s opinion isn’t real insight. That stock photo personas are a bit creepy and that nobody knows any actual ‘consumers’.

We also know that some insight is worth its weight in gold, but time and money is limited.

So how can we organise ourselves to generate the kind of insight that makes a real difference to customers and to businesses?

We believe it’s about getting real in two ways:

Get real #1 – “ONLY genuine insight”get real in the sense of only collecting true/ useful insight that has genuine impact (which if we are honest with ourselves usually means ‘doing it properly’)

Get real #2 – “Realistic & repeatable approach”get real in the sense of having a practical approach to gathering insight (given that time and money are finite)

Are these things in opposition? We don’t think so. We’re making it our mission here at nativeye to seek out ways of uncovering genuine insight (mainly qualitative) WHICH ARE ALSO realistic in terms of approach. Ultimately this will help insight practitioners invest their time and money more wisely. It will also help us here at nativeye develop better products.

So look out for further posts, links to useful articles and resources and tweets with the #getrealinsight hashtag. We’ll also be launching a survey to uncover the #1 challenge researchers face today.

We’re looking to provoke a conversation – an honest assessment of the insight and market research industry. Whether you work in marketing, customer experience, health, government or any line of work where better understanding of humans makes things better for humans and for your business.


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