nativeye Newsletter March 2018

March 6th, 2018 by Ben Claxton

A couple of months have gone by since the last update. We’ve been busy planning the next version of nativeye. More news on this to follow in the coming months 🙂

In the meantime, here is the good stuff we’ve been reading recently about getting genuine and practical insight that builds brands and businesses:

Monthly (sort of) #getrealinsight round-up

Debunking the NPS score – “NPS scores are the equivalent of a daily horoscope”

> There are three types of user research product teams should care about:

1. Testing things the team have built

2. Working out what the team should build next

3. Understanding potential users and their lives

> Have you come across sample-size doubters? How to deal with and ideally avoid that problem in the first place.

Why innovation labs don’t work

> “Bad internal user experience creates a burden that means the people in your organisation won’t always have the motivation, time, or will power to do what it takes to deliver a level of service that is going to work best for your customers.”

A New Approach to Feature Requests


Thanks for reading,

– Ben

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