The rise of experience over product

May 14th, 2012 by Ben Claxton

By all accounts Sony is in a bit of bother. With no profit since 2008 and a predicted $6m loss this year, it still produces solid products but no real ‘hits’ in recent years. Is lack of attention to product experience to blame? This guy thinks so. The argument is that successful products are not just about functionality any more. Customers have moved on from “What are the specs?” to “What’s it like to use?”.

So if the tech is a given how do you create a great experience?

A few things to consider beyond the feature set:

1) Be easy to use

  • Bit of a no-brainer, but can too easily get pushed aside when committees are involved that have multiple interests
  • Highlights the importance of senior design input and sign-off (as opposed to just the engineering dept) to make sure interfaces are easy to use, intuitive and uncluttered with irrelevant stuff

2) Allow customisation

  • Apple has one phone in two colours but a myriad of customisation is possible via apps – can your product be customised through software/ digital accompaniment?
  • Help people create their own experience – for example this Canadian Bike Shop that teaches its customers mechanics

3) Context and intent

  • Does your product work well for what your customer wants to use it for right now?
  • How about mobile?
  • How about offline?

4) Packaging

5) Community

  • Like Harley Davidson, what else do your customers get for being your customers?
  • Can you harness your customers to help other customers like Giff Gaff?
  • The shared experience is a powerful driver of the individual one

6) Attention to detail

  • Think of the cult-like customer devotion found in Apple Stores. They got there by being obsessive about every aspect of the customer experience. Obviously someone has written a book about it
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