Banking behaviour

Client: Seren Design Ltd Tags: UX, Financial Services

The challenge

Understand how people use banking services across multiple channels and touchpoints to create an engagement strategy for mobile banking users.

The approach

18 Participants completed a 2-week diary study documenting what banking channels they used, where they were at the point of interaction, what else they were doing at the time and the quality of the interaction. The diary study was also supported by focus groups to dive deeper into participant behaviour.

Above: Participants were asked to post every time they interacted with their bank.

Above: Multimedia posts appear in the dash in real-time. Researchers can like and comment to probe further.


  • Over one hundred posts
  • The data-rich output was analysed to identify trends in the way different audience groups behaved and what they would prioritise in a mobile banking experience
  • An engagement strategy was produced and delivered to the client, with key suggestions and recommendations from participants being implemented.

"nativeye as a tool has been extremely useful in helping us understand how people behave across different channels over time. It's been a real pleasure and I would not hesitate to recommend nativeye to anyone looking to push the boundaries of longitudinal research."