Car buying

Client: User Vision Tags: Automotive, Cutomer Journey Mapping, Purchasing

The challenge

Gain a fuller understanding of the customer journey around the car buying experience.

The approach

Participants completed a 2-month diary charting the ups and downs of their car buying experience.

People were asked to regularly document what actions they had taken regarding researching / buying of their new car. They were asked to capture what methods they had been using (e.g. websites, talking to friends), what decisions had been made so far and how they were feeling about the whole process at that particular moment in time.

Participants were also asked to upload a photo and video that reflected their experience at that particular time.


  • A fantastic response from participants: 400 responses from 70 people.
  • Insight into people's actions, experiences and feelings over the course of the car buying process - both the hard data and the deep dive
  • Photos and videos that brought the experience to life (whether at home, at a dealership or out and about).
  • An understanding of the influencing factors at work on this big decision - whether reviews, websites, sales professionals or friends & family.