Customer loyalty

Client: Seren Design Ltd Tags: Brands, Loyalty, Telco

The challenge

On behalf of a major telco, understand the drivers behind people's brand choices and what makes them stay with a particulr brand.

The approach

8 Participants completed a 1-week, multi-assignment programme. The programme was split into a pair of 'always-on' assignments and 7 individual daily assignments.

The pair of assignments focused on any brand triggers and purchases made throughout the week - asking participants to document these photographically and textually.

The daily assignments covered a range of exercises from feedback on loyalty schemes and voucher programmes, to usability tasks for specific apps and services.

Above: Participants were asked to post when they made a purchase

Above: Multimedia posts appear in the dash in real-time. Researchers can like and comment to probe further


  • 300 posts across all assignments
  • The broad set of insight generated by this research fed into a wider project focusing on the loyalty offering of a major telco
  • The creative approach employed by the team allowed them to identify sets of brand triggers and loyalty-drivers for a range of products & services and then apply these to the task at hand
  • Drilling even further down, the team examined the role of user experience in delivering an effective loyalty service
  • Overall, the team were able to set out the customer context for loyalty programmes and from this develop a framework for a successful service, backing this up with concrete examples from the field