My delivery experiences

Client: Netfluential Tags: Customer experience, Customer Journey, NPD, Innovation

The headline

Helping a a start-up delivery service track and understand participants emotions and attitudes across the usage journey.

The challenge

Understand people's experience of a new delivery service.

The approach

Parcel delivery is an area that is ripe for innovation, so it was great to be able to test out people's experience of a new kid on the block.

The project was broken up into a set of distinct tasks. It began by asking people for their general thoughts and feelings about parcel delivery using a video task to "show and tell" about their latest delivery in their homes. Participants were then given clear instructions to report back on the different stages of their experience of the delivery service using video and text responses. With some of the non-users being specifically briefed to try the service out for the first time while completing the activity.


The research provided step-by-step insight into the different stages of the delivery service, highlighting aspects of the customer journey that were straightforward and that people liked, and which aspects they had difficulty with and why.

"We were able to go in the moment and explore people's usage experience and resulting responses pretty much as they happened. Developing in depth insight of the process and having an 'always on' line of contact so we could be flexible - exploring aspects of the experience as they arose."
- Stuart Malcolm, Associate Director Netfluential