Drinking Diaries

Client: UM Tags: Marketing, Booze

The challenge

Understand people's drinking occasions to inform a pitch to a major beverage brand.

The approach

Task agency staff to record their drinking occasions over the bank holiday weekend. Ask participants to take a picture of their drink and surroundings and to provide additional information about their drinking occasion.

Above: Participants were asked to share every time they had a drink.

Above: Multimedia posts appear in the dash in real-time. Researchers can like and comment to probe further.


  • 80 posts
  • Rich (visual) audience data from people engaging in the relevant activity
  • Understanding of what drove the occasion (special occasion, sunshine, holiday etc)?
  • Understanding of where and who they were drinking with
  • Word cloud to describe occasions
  • Photo stream

"Our whole agency really got behind nativeye. Being able to share answers in real-time provided a truly unique, modern and engaging research platform."