How We Pay Today

Client: Netfluential Tags: Finance, Tech, Ethnography

The headline

How mobile ethnography helped a FinTech company understand the changes, disruptions and developing trends in the payment category.

The challenge

Understand UK and US customers' preferences for different payment methods and what drives this.

The approach

Several new payment methods have recently entered the market. The aim of the project was to understand how people used these different methods and why they chose these.

To track the range of payment methods used, and to understand which payments were used for which occasions, participants were asked to "Post every time you pay". This was a quick & easy remote ethnography task that built up an immediate picture of patterns in usage and behaviour.

To dig a bit deeper into this, 3 daily tasks were set which asked people to record videos discussing their payment habits and preferences. They were also asked what they liked and disliked about the payment methods currently available and what they would do to improve them.


The research delivered an in the moment view of how people actually pay for stuff - helping to accurately tie payment method to occasion and to understand how occasion shaped payment selection.

The app also allowed participants to provide a candid tour of their wallets and payment habits, from the comfort of their own home, providing researchers with a deeper level of insight.

"nativeye proved to be an amazingly powerful tool for this project. We were able to see the posts live as they came in across the week and weekend and probe further to get more detail. All in an experience that feels as easy for the participant as updating something on Facebook or Instagram."
- Stuart Malcolm, Associate Director Netfluential