Quality Dairy Products

Client: ISRA Center Tags: Grocery

The challenge

ISRA's client wanted to justify their premium price by communicating the higher quality of its dairy product to customers.

To aid this process, they first wished to know what customers already understood by 'quality dairy'.

The approach

Using Nativeye, 6 participants took part in a 5-day multi-assignment program where they completed both a consumption diary and answered to what 'high quality' means for them in general by uploading pictures with high quality products they interacted with in their day-to-day life - at home, at work, in the store, and when out and about.


Through this process, the brand was able to understand what high quality means for their customers, especially in dairy products. Armed with this knowledge the brand knew which aspects of quality to emphasise in its communications - e.g. ingredients, taste, process of fabrication - in order to attract buyers to the product and justify the premium price.

The research provided:

  • An unbiased and real way of capturing what 'high quality' dairy product meant to people
  • The ability to capture these moments as they happened meant researchers could see how these products fit into people's everyday lives
  • Powerful visual data to bring the project to life
  • The means to see the world as consumers see it

"The mobile technology enabled participants to send their reaction or perception anytime they came across a high quality product, no matter where they are, which made the results feel very real and unbiased. nativeye also make it easier for us to track their usage habits and enhanced the research with powerful visual data that helped us better understand the world through the eyes of the consumers."

Georgiana, Senior Client Services, ISRA