My watch moments

Client: Black Book London Tags: Marketing, Trends, Millennials

The challenge

Understand when and why Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) wear watches.

The approach

Build a panel of millennial watch wearers (and non wearers), ask them to post every time they wear a different watch and explain the main reasons for wearing it at that moment.


The main value was to understand the different drivers for wearing a watch in the digital age. We are surrounded by time-telling digital devices so we don't need to actually wear a watch to tell the time these days.

So what does a watch mean - especially for a generation that didn't grow up wearing a watch by default?

What are the differences between analogue, digital and smart watches? What functions do they serve? Time? Style? Status? Sophistication?

nativeye provides on-going access to this panel of Millennials to help answer these questions and carry out more deep-dive explorations.