Products you eat and drink

Client: Davies McKerr Tags: NPD, FMCG, Health

The challenge

Understand people's current drivers for 'healthy food' buying to inform new product development.

The approach

Participants completed a 1-week diary documenting products they decided to eat or drink primarily for their nutritional benefits. People were asked to take a photo of the product, detail the nutritional benefits it contained and explain why they had chosen it. They were also asked to rate how healthy they believed the product to be.

Above: Participants were asked to record any food or drink they bought primarily for its nutritional value.

Above: Multimedia posts appear in the dash in real-time. Researchers can like and comment to probe further.


  • Fast turnaround, in-the-moment insight that allowed our client to get a handle on the drivers for healthy food buying in the market RIGHT NOW.
  • 126 responses from 23 people
  • Rich visual data that brought the research to life
  • Ratings to enable benchmarking of different levels of nutritional value