Telegraph Digital Toolkit

Client: The Telegraph Tags: Media, Digital Transformation

The challenge

Support the development of a digital toolkit by understanding user behaviour and needs across 4 editorial sections: Politics, Comment, Finance & Football.

The approach

Readers for each editorial section were recruited to participate in a 1-week mobile-based diary study, recording their daily activities and interactions with content and media.

During the week, participants were also set a series of specific tasks and asked a number of open questions about their broad attitudes and relationships to each subject area.

The project team used nativeye's social features (commenting & liking) to continue the conversation and dig deeper into areas of interest.

From this study, the team analysed the findings and used the data to formulate user personas supported by verbatim quotes and screenshots of their activities which are included in the personas.


  • Over 440 responses from 32 people over 1 week
  • The research directly informed the creation of user personas for each editorial vertical to guide the creation of digital toolkits
  • The use of cutting edge mobile research technology and the resulting rich insights gathered in this study, fed directly into the The Telegraph's efforts to become a digital first, product led, user-centred organisation