TV buying

Client: Research Agency, Denmark Tags: Qual, Purchasing, Shopper

The challenge

Understand the influence of shop visits on TV-set purchase decision in Sweden and Denmark.

The approach

12 participants were briefed, invited to download the app and then complete the assignment during their next visit to a department store. They were asked to request a product demo of two specific models as part of the visit.


This was a traditional research methodolgy enhanced by nativeye's mobile technology - specifically the ability to capture people's thoughts, reactions and behaviour immediately after they carried out a task (and in two countries at the same time without having to leave the office).

The research allowed the agency to understand the influencing factors from the store visit (and specifically the store demonstrations) by comparing shoppers' consideration set to their final choice.

Participants were asked to reflect on the influence of the store demonstrations, providing details of what made a demonstration influential or not.