Step 1: Create an account

After you have downloaded the nativeye app the first thing you need to do is create an account.


Tell us a bit about yourself so we can match you to future assignments.

Step 2: Accept invitation

Once you have registered you will be taken to the Assignments screen.

Look for the red Invitation bar. Press this to review and accept your assignment.

Step 3: Make a post

When you accept your assignment you will be taken to the Assignment home screen.

You will see an instruction at the top and any recent activity below.

Press the 'Post' button to see the assignment tasks. When you are ready, complete all the required tasks and press the 'Submit' button, well you guessed it, to submit your post.

Step 4: View your post

Once you have submitted a post you can review it in the Posts section.

If you are taking part in a 'Group' assignment, you will be able to see, comment and like other people's posts in that group.

Step 5: Notifications

Throughout an assignment you may receive push notifications telling you about activity on your assignment.

These may be prompts from the research manager, or comments and likes other people have made on your posts.

Frequently asked questions

  • I can't find my invitation email
    Check your Spam folder. Failing that, get in touch with the person running the research.

  • I've registered on the app but I can't find my assignment
    Navigate to the 'Assignments' screen and look for the red 'Invitation' bar. Press this to review and accept your assignment. If you don't see an invitaion bar, make sure you registered with the email address you were invited with. If you still have trouble, contact the person running the project.

  • Why should I allow push notifications?
    Push notifications are used to keep you up to date on what's going on with your assignment. Allow these to be notified of likes, comments and prompts from your research manager.

  • Why should I share my location?
    Knowing where you are posting from helps researchers compare activity by region and pinpoint feedback.

  • I want to check what the project incentives are / I haven't been paid my incentive fee
    Please contact the person running the research project directly.