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Get assignments and share your experiences with the nativeye mobile app. Some assignments are paid directly by those who set them, others are unpaid and just for the love.

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Tell me more about assignments

What are assignments?

Assignments are set by companies that want to find out more about a particular subject. They might ask for your feedback on their service or want to know a bit more about your daily life so they can improve their products. Assignments will generally ask you to record every time you think, do or experience something and then provide some additional information.

Give me some examples

A company might ask you to be a secret shopper and feed back on their service. A fashion company might want to source new ideas and ask you to take a picture every time you see something stylish. A hospital might want to ask its patients about the care they receive. It can be anything, but it's always based on your experience.

nativeye Assignments

nativeye runs its own assignments - some of these appear when you first download the app. These assignments are for general interest and we display the results on our website. You can choose whether to take part or not.

Top Tips

Opt in to receive assignment invitations
You need to opt in to receive these so don't forget to tell us if you are interested in receiving invitations. You can do that here.

Fill out your personal profile
The more of your personal profile you fill out the easier it is for us to match you to future assignments.

nativeye does not manage payments
If a company is offering to pay you for completing an assignment then they are responsible for honouring that agreement.

Be sure to check exactly what they are expecting you to do and that you are happy to proceed before you start.