Take full control with the nativeye dashboard

The homepage

Here's where you start. The homepage displays the 3 most recently active assignments and shows when posts have been coming in.

Set up your research assignment

It's easy to set up an assignment with the wizard

Follow the steps to set up your assignment - once you have chosen the type of assignment (App or Web) the first thing to do is name and describe your assignment.

Set different task types

Choose from a range of task types

nativeye currently supports Open Text, Multiple Choice (Select one and select many), Slider and Photo tasks.

You are then ready to preview and invite test respondents. When you are happy you can activate your assignment and start inviting respondents...

Invite respondents

Invitations made easy

You can invite respondents from your existing contacts or by email.

New respondents will receive an email invitation with a link to download the app. Existing respondents will be notified by email and push notification.

Et voila!

The assignment appears on the respondent app

Your respondents receive an assignment request on their phone. Once they accept the assignment they can start posting to their heart's content.