Map customer experiences

Understand the 'whole experience'

In today's experience economy it's important to understand and plan the whole customer experience - not just how people use your product or service - but every other significant interaction too.

Use nativeye to map brand touchpoints, from advertising to customer service, in-store and website plus any other device and channel.

Remote ethnographic research

Gather real-time, real-place insight

nativeye is an affordable way to gather insight in-situ. Useful as a stand-alone tool or complementing focus groups or ethnographic research, you can research people's experiences and activities as they happen.

Ask respondents to post about their everyday lives or specific experiences and explore responses over time and by location.

Mystery shopping

See what your customers see

Send research groups on shopping assignments and get data back on every key observation and experience.

The nativeye app is discreet and easy to use on-the-go. Ask research subjects to take photos of things they like or don't like and tell you why, or set them more specific assignments.

Behavioural and point of decision research

Get closer to the point of action

People tell themselves stories about why they do the things they do. nativeye helps you to get closer to the point of action by asking people to post as things happen.

This helps you understand raw experiences that add up to a particular choice or opinion about your brand.